sanSpore wins second place the Climate Launchpad National Finals

Following the win of the TU Delft Impact Contest, sanSpore managed to lock in second place at the Dutch Climate Kic Competition and will partecipate in the European Finals!

What is sanSpore?

Real-time fungi detection

The sanSpore device uses innovative technology to quantitatively detect the presence of spores in greenhouses so farmers only need to use pesticides when necessary. Thus reducing the amount of harmful pesticides leaking out into the environment and into our food. Furthermore, our product enables farmers to mantain optimal humidity levels without having to worry about fungi spreading.

The Details

Advanced Technologies for Advanced Solutions

Join us on this exciting journey as we combine scientific innovation, environmental consciousness, and technological prowess to create a world where sustainability and productivity go hand in hand.
Together, we can revolutionize the way we protect our crops, conserve our environment, and ultimately shape a better future for all.

Less Pesticides

Our product enables farmers to reduce preventive pesticides by communicating when there is the need to spray.

Higher Quality Produce

Pesticides degrade product and reduce quality. By reducing pesticide use you can improve your produce quality.

State of the Art Technology

Our product implements State of the Art Technologies such as Machine Learning and Vision Systems to deliver top of the line performance.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Our product will enable you to live-monitor fungal presence and optimally adjust humidity and other facotrs to ensure you obtain the optimal growing conditions.

Expert Engineers

Our team is highly qualified and ready to take on the challenges to come.

Advanced Designs

Expert designer on the team to deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional designs.